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SAMAG TFZ 3-1500 “Deep Drilling” Gundrill

Detail Technologies is the home of SAMAG’s first gundrill in North America and the first gundrill in the world to offer “kinematic alignment” as a feature. Traditionally gundrill re-alignment required taking the work-center out of production for several days while the technician serviced the machine. This first of it’s kind gundrill “kinematic alignment” now re-aligns all machine axis in minutes by running a simple macro.

Precise, universal deep drilling-milling centres for cubic workpieces with best milling performance. Optimized deep drilling-milling unit guarantees highest solidity and rigidity strong supported through front and rear pivot bearing. Range of drilling bush / spindle nose in Z-direction 500 – 800 mm across table edge.  Compact design with integrated oil recirculation and -filtration.  Extreme rigid machine design. Best process reliability due yo monitoring of coolant flow, pressure, feed and spindle power.  Walk-in machine housing, best accessibility for loading and unloading and workpiece.  Highest safety through additional included safety brakes in vertical axes and deep drilling axis.

X-Axis (table traversal):  80”

Y-Axis (vertical drilling & milling):  64”

Z-Axis (horizontal drilling & milling):  48”

W-Axis (drilling & milling depth):  88.5”

  NC Rotary Table Hydraulic Clamping 72” x72”Maximum Table Load 33,000 lbsMain Spindle HSK 100-A24 Position Tool ChangerFully Enclosed

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